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I wont be on  lately as I have been lacking hw so now I got tons to do lmaoooo I might be back on in a week or so buttttt yea


Ight ima head off now do my hw, cya. 


I've literally got books full of it.

18 days ago

Working on a modern themed new base, very big, does anybody know a good building hacks video or easy decor tips? Would do as im terrible at decorating. Lmao. Some garden tips would also be  great. DM me ideas on discord, Ghost I Guess#9827 or reply here. Im in the WILDERCRAFT discord.


More ideas what it looks like :


.Flooring is spruce wood


.Walls is white concrete



22 days ago

They actually did listen to you.  😄

23 days ago

Oh wow you can do alot with this ima just mess around - Lmaoo


I am CookingJello and I like to  play the survival servers, not a fan of skyblock but might play it more in the future.

Dis is my avatar for now I guess. I like to change it quite alot. Like once a month so dont mind me if im looking different.


My role rn is a Mythic.


My favorite thing to do is fly around in my elytra and waste it, also abuse in game-dogs [ Ty ElmoPickole for giving me that role since I accidently hit my dog. ] ;-;


Yea, thats all from me. Cya.


23 days ago