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They dropped saying they were fof Dayyux. I did use one just fine when I went for a run. I still have the other 4

8 days ago

1. A one-sentence summary of bug: 
I was killing ghasts at Globdom's ghast farm to get keys and they dropped saying they belonged to a player. 
2. Priority to fix? 
{High, Medium, Low}
3. Which server? 
{Spawn, Redwood, Cypress, Maple, Willow, Expanse, DungeonRun, Rush, Creative}
4. Steps to Reproduce: 
Please list the step-by-step methods to reproduce the issue
Kill a Ghast
5. Expected Outcome: 
What did you expect to happen?
An normal key
6. Actual Outcome: 
What happened instead?
A key that says it belongs to a player
7. Proposed Fix (Optional): 
Do you have a suggestion?
I have no clue how the key drops work so no suggestion
8. Notes (Optional): 
Anything else we should keep in mind in relation to this issue?

9. Screenshots (Preferred): 
Do you have screenshots of the problem, proof or reference?

I have one but it refuses to attach, or I am just missing how to get it to attached properly


9 days ago