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170lbs: 24 days ago
Hi there, About 3 hours ago I was banned by you for griefing. I would like to address and question why this has happened. I created a post on the Ban Appeal form addressing the fact that I have no recollection of griefing anyone's items, bases, etc. Maybe this was an honest mistake? I was never contacted on this matter. I was just banned, with seemingly no evidence. If you can personally tell me what I griefed, and allow me to either have an explanation, or allow me to be unbanned, I would appreciate that. You can also message me on discord if you would like to talk personally. My username is 170lbs#9370 I would like to has this resolved because I've spend countless hours spending time on this server perfecting my base and making a good community for my friends and new people to live in. Please respond as soon as possible. Thanks.



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Title: Test Server Observe Mode
Summary: When joining the server "Test", players always start in observe mode.

Priority and Severity: C

Server: Test

Steps to Reproduce: Simply join the Test server

Expected Outcome: To be in creative mode

Actual Outcome: Always enter in observe mode. This is annoying especially for helpers, who cannot get out of /o unless they are temporarily promoted to mod, which gives them the ability to temp ban as a side effect. (source: bluesnowflake had this issue)

7 months ago

I was thinking of adding a new WilderTool that would allow players to be immune to the Levitation effect, since shulkers are so annoying to deal with.

Perhaps a helmet or some boots? 
9 months ago