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This looks good!

Looking forward to see how the S6 one pans out.
15 days ago

Age: 20
Location: South East England
About: Media student, and part time redstone wizard
Likes: Making YT videos, fighting games, long walks on the beach, cold weather.
Dislikes: Skeletons, hot, muggy weather, and Mexico (bad holiday experience)

Hello there, my name is Alasdair, also known as Biff the Banana, and I've been playing minecraft for 9 or so years now which is crazy.
I've always had a love for survival and after the server I initially played on shutdown in 2013 (I think) I started to fall out of love with the game. I played on and off for a bit on various servers mostly just being a pain lol.

My initial plan was to do the same here but i've actually come to really enjoy playing Wildercraft and interacting with some of the community, it's really taken me back to how it all used to be and I find that i'm totally hooked on the game again. So i'll probably stick around.

Always happy to say hi if you see me and don't worry staff I won't be causing any trouble on here. It's far too nice.
22 days ago