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Ergo that's so cool! The only reason I play minecraft is because of my little sister! I think a lot of adults don't realize how fun/interesting/challenging the game can be and just how many other adults play regularly. I'm really glad to have you here smile
4 days ago

Dexter I have always wondered about your skin and I feel like I just learned one of life's greatest mysteries smile
14 days ago

Hi there, my name is Beck. I'm a 23 year old student studying physics who likes to play minecraft, a LOT. Minecraft is the best game hands down. Where else can I dig holes just for fun? 

I currently live in Texas but I am in the middle of moving to Colorado to attend another university there, and eventually I will end up in the Netherlands (fingers crossed).

I always have big big plans for the future that I hardly ever get around to. This also translates to big big plans in minecraft which I discard in favor of going mining most days.

I really like: playing minecraft, saying "angstschreeuw" incorrectly to make my dutch girlfriend laugh (I could totally say it correctly if I wanted to), and astrophysics. 

I dislike: people who are unnecesserily rude, salt and vinegar chips, and yelling.

Thanks for getting to know me. Feel free to say hello!
16 days ago

Ken is fairly quiet so I will introduce him instead since this introduction is lame

Ken is a cool guy who really REALLY likes dragon eggs and will do almost anything to get them. Ken likes building nether hubs and digging gigantic 30+ chunk holes in the ground. 

When ken isn't playing minecraft he is working hard at his favorite place, dairy queen. He does NOT turn blizzards upside down before handing them to people. 

In short, we should all appreciate Ken. He is genuinely a funny human and a good friend, and you should get to know him. Say hello to ken next time you see him! Hi, ken!
16 days ago

Hey my favorite color is orange, get your own!!!!
16 days ago