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I really love the wilder tools. The axe, shovel, pick, and sword are not extremely unique because I already have tools that are on the same level or better, but when I recieve them I always use them as my main tool because I prefer the color and I like that my name is embedded in the lore (someone can't rename that). I don't think these tools have to be especially OP in order to matter and I'm happy with the level they're at now. However since these tools don't have any unique abilities I do think they should be repairable or combinable. 

The wildershears and wildercopia are the ones that stand out. Wilder shears are awesome and I've been trying all season to get a pair myself through voting. I like the rarity. I have about 4 wildercopia's now, so I think they are too frequent. Another change I think they need is that they should give off at least some seeds when harvesting wheat, even if it's a reduced amount or just 1 seed per harvest. They're almost useless on wheat because currently there is no way to replant at all when harvestingt. Seeds can only be used for replanting and breeding chickens so it's not especially OP to give some. As for them dropping emeralds, I don't think they drop enough for it to be over powered. I have used a wildercopia on a massive farm and only recieved ~10 emeralds from it. I'm not sure if there's a difference between holding it down and pressing to harvest each individual crop. 

The Wilderwings are awesome, and again I have been trying all season to get them. But that's okay because they feel like an end game item anyway. Last season I had a full set of wilder armor... where did those go? I would love to see them in the voting rewards again! And I'd like to reiterate here that I don't think they have to have non vanilla enchants to matter. 
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Ergo that's so cool! The only reason I play minecraft is because of my little sister! I think a lot of adults don't realize how fun/interesting/challenging the game can be and just how many other adults play regularly. I'm really glad to have you here smile
2 months ago