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I believe we have something that's being worked on for that, so definitely provide additional feedback if you have more information/ideas in mind :)
21 hours ago

You can also get wildercoins from other things as well, so selling them in smaller sets would probably be better to incentivise smaller those that already have some. I could see us ADDING options, but I wouldnt' see the benefit of removing them.
21 hours ago

(This also happens on tech. That would be great if we could update it there too thankssss.)
21 hours ago

Having a voting system for every player to be involved seems inefficient. You could easily be highly overwhelemed by wanderers by sheer numbers. Is that a good thing? Is that a bad thing? I'm not going to make that decision, but true democracy isn't always the favorable outcome. 

Plus, there's a lot of benefits from a staff perspective of being able to prepare ahead of time for a known season end. If it were decided at the 6 month mark when the server restarts, then it's more difficult to play when new content/material should be released/included. 

We've had plenty of issues in the past with people asking when the season ends and not being able to give good answers. It harms the playerbase who doesn't want to play if they don't know how long their things will still be there. Clarity, up front and as soon as it is available, tends to be the best option in my experience, and having more distinct seasons would help with that. 

Of course, that's simply my opinion, but I disagree with having variable season durations, mainly when it is something that is driven by the general playerbase.
21 hours ago

So bascially a simplification of the shop rules in regards to chests. That sounds very reasonable to me.
22 hours ago