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One way this has been explored to prevent the "grief/troll" aspect is to ensure the items only function on players that are in the same partychat group. 

With that in mind, you may able to make it more entertaining without worrying about the random "trolling" bit.
7 days ago

The plugin was originally due to a 1.15 issue with mass spawning fish. It's likely what prevents this from working now, but the original problem should be resolved and the plygin can be removed entirely. 
18 days ago

While we don't have a "Friends" system, we do have a "Party Chat" system available for hosting by Colossal+
That covers about half of your request.
19 days ago

If we did make it use a special type of pearl, can we make those ones stack to 64at least? Having to carry another bow just for the benefit of shooting it like an arrow means you'll need 2 slots (bow + epearl) or 3 (bow + arrow + epearl) instead of just carrying the pearls. At least with 64/stack you'd have the a better breakeven point in both scenarios. The bow itself feels like a negative to me without that kind of adjustment, when I could just throw the pearl instead and have basically the same effect. 

Now if it removed the fall damage or something too, that'd definitley be worth the tradeoff. But on it's own, the bow feels like only a very small benefit that already has an inherent tradeoff. Maybe speed II for a moment after you land so you can run around like an angry enderman xD
21 days ago

So basically, it makes a potion with up to 60 levels of experience by draining the matching amount of EXP and your hunger bar?

Might i suggest making it store up to 40 levels? That'd be a bit shy of 3k exp in the one bottle. When you pop that bottle, if you had full netherite armor with mending and carried two netherite tools, it should be enough to full repair them (unless I'm doing my math wrong), which is very likely cause I'm bad with levels/mending values.

Regardless, I think it'd be pretty cool/useful to have basically a "full repair" bottle of experience that you can craft. Idk about tradeoff's, but it's an item I'd enjoy :D
21 days ago