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I wouldn't want to put votes as a type of reward for anything, but I do agree with updating the pick (and shovel and axe) to have something special to bring them in-Lomé with the other wilder tools. 
3 days ago

What would you see as rank rewards/perks for the higher ranks after ancient?
3 days ago

Permission Trust isn't the top level trust. It's used to allow someone to manage others. It's something that you can give in parallel to the other trusts.

When you give a player permission trust, you allow them to give other players trusts that are equivalent to their own. IE if I gave you /accesstrust and the /permissiontrust, you can use readstone AND you can give other players /accesstrust.

But /permissiontrust on it's own doesn't do anything, since the player would have no permissions to pass along.
12 days ago

I can potentially add to this. I had a player that was warped into the air and then fell to their death. There's a chance they were warped next to the side of a cliff and fell down, but that's still interesting. I assume they warped to a block in the extreme hills biome (where they died), took one step backwards or sideways and fell off while loading, and then their computer caught up as they fell and took lethal damage. 

Or they warped into air. Can't tell for certain, but posting it anyway for the record.
13 days ago

Title: Wilderblade - Slime Head Drop Bugged

Summary: Killing a slime with a wilderblade may yield the wrong drop (an Alex Head)

Priority: C

Server: Cypress (likely Redwood)

Steps to Reproduce:
Get a wilderblade
Kill a LOT of slimes until you get a head drop
Look at the head drop

Expected Result:
You see a slime head

Actual Result: 
You get this

Proposed fix: Change the slime head back to the proper skin.

Notes: I was able to reproduce this twice in a row and have not gotten any more heads since then. This is a recent change it appears.
25 days ago