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I'm Audrei143.

I haven't played since 1.8 but I hope my questions ingame regarding minecraft mechanics don't bother you!
I like the color blue because it looks cool.
Also give me diamonds pls ty
12 days ago

- Do you find WilderTools too OP, or not powerful enough?
A: No they are not OP, despite not being able to repair it, is what makes it weaker than regular max tools.

- If you could change one thing about WilderTools, what would it be?

A: One thing, that would be their rarity (which you can only get one of them every week). Higher ranks should have higher chances of getting them daily, or add them to the random loots upon voting daily. and weekly is a guaranteed wildertool loot. BUT the tool only has 5 durability on the tool and it has no mending, and if you bother using it on an anvil, it will just be a regular enchanted tool. It loses its special perks.

- What other tools would you like to see?

A: WilderChest. It utilizes The shulker box item design but it has 57 slots ( a full dub ). You can't sell them on shops but you can like dismantle it on a crafting table and you get maybe 3 diamonds per chest.

- Any ideas for balancing tools so the trade-offs feel more impactful and like a choice you're making?

A: As of my experiences so far, No.

- Should WilderTools be repairable?

A: If you want to keep it as a rare item (weekly item), then I suggest yes.

- Do you like this idea? Take any 2 WilderTools and bring them to a special NPC at spawn in exchange for 1 new random WilderTool. Recycle!

A: why not take 2 wildertools along with maybe 30 levels to transform it to a random tool?

-Audrei143 your one and only noob son

12 days ago