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SpaceMagpie: 5 months ago
Wait you got helper? Nice Ana :D



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I really like building technically efficient buildings as opposed to buildings that look really pretty. I have a programmer's way of thinking so I often min-max every game I play into oblivion (like TES: Oblivion). This leads to very bland looking builds with just a Stone brick, stone slab, and other grey / white block pallette. While it's almost never the prettiest, it sure does look impressive from a distance and it is very resource efficient.

I really enjoy building bases inside of mountains and underground so I don't have to worry about designing an exterior that looks good, just the interior.
5 months ago

I do own factorio, but I haven't played it in a while.
5 months ago

Hello! My name is Ana_Amari in game and I am a helper here on Wildercraft! I play a lot of games on Steam and am a chronic name changer on Steam. On Wildercraft I mostly live by myself but have what I call embassies in multiple towns. I try my best to remain active in chat as well as productive in game.

My name comes from the overwatch character "Ana". Even though I no longer play overwatch in favor of Team Fortress 2, I still occasionally enjoy launching overwatch to play Ana in a casual match.

If you ever need help on the server, just message me and I'll be there in a jiffy!
6 months ago