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--I agree that the villager cap could be reduced to 25 or 30, but I just feel that way towards villager ESPECIALLY with the 1.14 changes and how much processing power it will take to calculate the workstations/beds and stuff constantly.
--I think it should be 50 cow/sheep/pig/chicken ect. combined rather than cap for each.

--Wildercopia is massively overpowered at Fortune 5. Fortune 3 should be max.
--Wilderfork/Wildertrident would be nice addition, perhaps they should come with riptide/loyalty pre-enchanted to avoid people throwing them and losing, then complaining, as its only a 1 min timer for thrown tridents despawning.  

--The Pit.  Face a never ending horde of monsters in an arena.  Similar to a village raid but a prebuilt arena with no building ability for the player.   Start light with a couple of zombie's or something then next wave and so on towards waves with ravagers/evokers/vindicators/pillagers/creepers/enderman.  Think of super raid without the ability to just cheese with some magma block/wither rose wall.  Eventually have the waves include Wither(s).  Perhaps 100 waves in place of never ending if wave 100 is like 3 withers, 10 evokers, 6 Ravagers ect..  However an issue I see already is the wither targeting the evoker instead of player.. so maybe undead specific waves for anything with a wither in it.   Maybe first wave is just cows or non combatant.   Loot such as enchantment books/gear would drop from mobs. Maybe a bonus roll at wave completion.  Start with nothing.

No difficulty for the pit just regular old hard difficulty minecraft but the reward is based on progress with dying on wave 12 or something not necessarily a fail so as to feel like you win every time atleast a bit.
about 1 year ago

i did once type "a farmer" and got a warning.  i was talking about villagers lol but it didnt like a f
about 1 year ago

personally i would like no end reset and border in the end to around 50k or something

edit:  i mean i just found an elytra the other day and end has been open for months now.   expanding by 10k each direction literally multiplies the area of city spawing by like 8
about 1 year ago

I thought redribbits treehouse at my place was in wilder theme thats why i wanted for a treehouse but ok then... i guess it's not good enough to highlight
about 1 year ago