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They look awesome! Great work! :D 
about 1 month ago

Welcome to Wilder Softbunny! It is a pleasure to meet you. What server do you mainly play on? I'd love to see one of your cabins sometime!
4 months ago

Title: Item disappears from inventory when teleporting to spawn
Summary: If a player accesses their inventory and is in the process of moving an item when teleported to spawn the item will disappear. 

Priority and Severity:


Steps to Reproduce:
1.) Type /spawn while on redwood/cypress/maple/willow
2.) Access your inventory and click on an item (as if to transfer it to another container or move within your inventory)
3.) Keep it held until you are teleported to spawn

Expected Outcome:
The item either drops on the server you were originally on, or is placed back into your inventory. 

Actual Outcome:
The item disappears from your inventory and isn't dropped on the original server. 

Proposed Fix:
Make it so if a player accesses their inventory while waiting for the teleport, it cancels the tp to spawn

5 months ago

Hi Snowhauk! It's a pleasure to have you here with us. What type of music do you compose? I love to compose music as well smile Been a while since I've had the chance to, but I hope to make some more again soon. 
7 months ago

Hi Xevxt,
All players that participate and complete a room in the Dungeon Run Build Event will be receiving a gift. What that gift is though is being kept a surprise! 

As for players voting, the reason we don't have it for this event is because there are curtain guidlines that need to be followed in order to make sure the rooms work in Dungeon Run. We do plan on having future build events where players vote for their favorite. 

Thanks for the feedback!
9 months ago