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Hi! If you go to options --> chat settings, does it say "chat:commands"? I know that happened to a player once. Make sure you have that toggled to "chat:shown". Does any message pop up when you try to send a message?
2 months ago

Some players may think that if they are only warned by the filter that staff may not see what they said, think they could get away with saying it, etc. By having a staff member also send them a message, it becomes much more personal and shows that we are seeing what they say. It always helps to have a friendly reminder too, especially in those cases of "second nature" as you said. It is important to still warn the accidental slip-ups though (cases of accidentally being warned for when you didn't actually say anything bad is entirely different though, and you won't be muted for that). Hope that help you understand better! :) 
2 months ago

It all looks great! Really digging that embroidery :)
3 months ago

Oh trust me I love vanilla too! Vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce is amazing <3 
8 months ago

Age: 20
Location: San Luis Obispo, California
About: Studying civil engineering
Likes: Making music, caramel, nice people
Dislikes: Smoking, chocolate, mean people

The name's Ralphiemac. I am a helper on the Wildercraft server. I love getting to know new people; you can usually find me in the voice chat on discord. Send me a message in game and let's build something together!

I truly hope you enjoy your time on this wonderful server. :) 
8 months ago