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Any time you see the "Welcome to Wildercraft" auto message pop up when a new player joins the server there are a few things you should do to make them feel welcome and help them get oriented.

  1.  Send a welcome message using their username. Ex. "Welcome to wildercraft GreenBau!"
  2.  Remind them to use /vote to rank up and earn rewards
  3.  Remind them to read /rules
  4.  Answer any questions they have about the server

At Spawn:

  • Here you might want to give them directions to the survival server warps to get started
  • Be sure to try and show them around personally instead of just giving directions. start by having them meet you at /spawn and then walk to where you want to show them

On the tree servers:

  • Let them know about the wild warp and offer to show them around /localspawn to see the nether and end portals
  • Offer a reminder that we are a friendly server where griefing and stealing are not permitted and to be sure to respect other players' builds.
  • Help with any questions about things like /claims and /ranks

Ranks and Special Items:

- When players ask about special wider things like ranks, wildertools, and rubydragon be sure to direct them to the appropriate commands like /ranks, /wildertools, and /rubydragon. 

- If they ask about obtaining these items let them know the free ways like /vote rewards and ranking up through voting, as well as the option to use /donate for more immediate options


These are just general guidelines, so be sure to answer any additional questions to the best of your ability!

25 days ago

There was an issue in season 6 I believe where players would call a mod or helper to help them, or another player would come to see something. When you tp it turns out the player was in the end right next to a bed. They sleep instantly killing you. 

A better idea might be to apply the same use restrictions to beds that are currently applied to tnt, fire, lava, and stuff like that which can't be used within a certain radius of other players. The issue wasn't really griefing as much as pvp. 
2 months ago

basically just a qol command that will run the /discord unlink and then /discord link command for players needing to update rank and name on discord. More intuitive as well so can be added to /discord
2 months ago

1. A one-sentence summary of bug: Dedicated Vote Reward Boxes are sometimes not being Granted

2. Priority to fix? 

3. Which server? Sequoia, Willow, Cypress (presumably all)

4. Steps to Reproduce: Reach a multiply of 90 Votes while online

5. Expected Outcome: after vote you'll have a new shulker box in inventory

6. Actual Outcome: no reward granted

7. Proposed Fix (Optional): Do you have a suggestion?

8. Notes (Optional): 3 Examples
Haelcyondays 540th vote 7/14 6:43 AM Planet Minecraft Sequoia
ChukkTheDukk 810th vote 7/14 12:03 AM Minecraft Server List Cypress
BigStonksman 180th vote 7/12 10:00 AM Planet Minecraft Willow
2 months ago

With the new change to the wilderblade and limited radius I think adding some additional mobs to the available head drops would be a great idea. Also with the new mobs coming in 1.16 having some new heads to go for in the nether adds to the update. Personally I think all of the zombie variants like husks should have a head drop, but with the limit possibly coming from what mojang has made available using the MHF_<name> skins I'd like to see the mooshroom, magma cube, and iron golem heads added to the pool</name>
3 months ago