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Personally I think that since ghasts have a chance to drop dungeon keys, and you kill ghasts to craft crystals to spawn a dragon, that also having the dragon drop them could be too much. With good gear its also fairly easy to defeat the dragon solo, but is still a couple minutes work so not unreasonable to consider adding
10 hours ago

I was more thinking about it as a feature of a warp from spawn, not as a claim setting once you've used the warp. So it would prohibit non-whitelisted players from using the warp at all. So maybe you have a warp set up for your little town, but it's only for you and a few friends, not for anybody that joins the server. You might still want a warp from spawn but not one that any other players can use. Even with claims, all a player has to do is walk beyond claim boundary and then can do as they please, but with a whitelisted warp players would have a much harder time finding your base and building nearby (something many players don't want). It was just an idea though :p I don't think i'd personally use it or how much support there is for it
4 days ago

Just a possible change to the player warps available to players, the possibility to add a whitelist either of players or ranks. Not sure if this is needed as many warps are intended for anybody to use. Also might create a headache if there are constant changes to the whitelist requiring staff involvement. Possibly an extra tier of warps? Keep the current version and add a higher priced option with this "exclusivity" option.
5 days ago

The ban appeals council is looking into this and should post a reply here in the next day or so
6 days ago

This idea sounds like splitting the 4 serves that currently reset together into 4 fully separate servers, with no shared spawn or shared inventory. So redwood would reset every x months, maple x/2 months, willow x/3 months, and cypress x/4 months. or something similar to that. If that were the case where one server resets separately, shared inventory and shared spawn would not be fair play, so it would have to be fully separate servers to be feasible.
11 days ago