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hey gplayer, 
I do remember this bug, it has already been addressed.

Thanks for reporting anyways, you never know :-)
4 months ago

Thanks for the report. 
I researched this issue and found that there is a known bug.
Looks like the developer has indicated a patch for this that is estimated to be released tomorrow.
4 months ago

We don't alter a players location with any plugins during a reset. This is actually done by minecraft code itself as it sees the end world was deleted so it sets you in the overworld at the same xyz(even if that xyz is in solid block) that you were in the end.

This is not something we can change and has been like this since as long as the end has been resetting, this happens alot to players that sign out at the end farm (even myself, except the xyz was in solid block so i died).
8 months ago

Tested and confirmed, can also do same thing with leave blocks. I'll try to think of other things to test this on
9 months ago