We’re a nature-themed mostly-vanilla survival Minecraft server, owned by a developer.

Let's help each other build beautiful structures, useful farms and explore our world. Choose sites carefully as the surrounding environment should emphasize nature over the structure itself. WilderCraft is about making home with the landscape.


Unique Features

Vanilla-minded customizations — In the spirit of the vanilla Minecraft experience our enhancements are intented to be powerful but not overpowered. Most items have a cost per use, so items are not unlimited, and mindful of survival resources.

Climb the Ranks

Players can vote on various popular Minecraft server community websites to help raise our profile and attract new and interesting players. Votes are rewarded with items and ranks, which can also be purchased to help support Wildercraft, both to maintain the server and grow the community.

Player-Made Shops

Rules of Conduct

  1. The golden rule: Please be cool, helpful and nice.
  2. Keep chat positive and family-friendly.
  3. Don't grief or harass people. Jerkfaces will be banned forever.
  4. Build nature-themed and tree-loving creations and altered landscapes; your constructions should blend with the surrounding environment in harmony.


We love Minecraft.