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Glad it is in the works, definitely necessary!
8 hours ago

Adding options/tiers that have a small price improvement would be a great idea.
8 hours ago

I like the argument that it fits the category of the other mobs who drop the dungeon keys. While it is not too bad when you know what you are doing, it takes a lot of gear and/or knowledge to handle the dragon without too much sweat. While many of us may have that, it took effort. 
8 hours ago

It would be clearer for players and simpler for staff. I also do not mind seeing non shop chests in shops, since out sign system makes it really clear where to interact for what you need.
8 hours ago

A horse whistle as a vote reward would be very cool.  But how would you set the horses warp location. I think youre saying you want to set a home for it that you would send it back to? That sounds like it would need a new command.
5 days ago