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Hey there,

We've discussed your idea and thought that a way to balance the tp time would be a great addition to the server to have this be fair, but player tp is currently set for one value for any person from a specific world, so it would be difficult to implement. We are looing into possible balances between the two. Thank you for submitting an idea to the forums to try and make the server a better place!  

-Community team

5 days ago

Hey there Olghar, 

What an interesting idea! We spoke about this and thought it would definitely be awesome! Perhaps appearing at spawn when certain aims/ challenges are completed by the server! This will be discussed more and hopefully implemented!

-Community team 

5 days ago

Hey Cest! 

This looks like a really fun idea, we look forward to possibly implementing this in the future. Some aspects of this may be difficult to code but we are looking into ways to have a chat achievement or something similar. We are also looking into ways to have this more balance with a minimum or maximum of people. Thank you for such an interesting idea!

-comunity team 

5 days ago


This looks like an interesting idea! We look forward to discussing this at our next team meeting, thank you for posting your idea here :)

- community team 

5 days ago

Seems like some interesting ideas :) 

Thank you for your suggestions and we will be sure to talk about them at the next meeting to see if there's something that we would be able to implement. 

-Hollmane community representative 

about 1 month ago