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This already exists in the Form of Voxel Map. If you have this Mod installed, it automatically gives you the coordines of where you last died. It's also 1 of 2 Mods that are allowed on this server. If you search YouTube, there are plenty of videos showing how to install it. If you have any troubles, I'm sure multiple people will be willing to help.
about 1 hour ago

As swoven mentioned above, you could use a ancient warp to setup a shop outside of spawn. With this method, you could technially have an unlimited amount of shops with basically no restrictions (e.g. building theme, number of chests, the size of the shop, etc.). In Cypress AwkwardBowman and I set up a giant shopping mall called "Void Corp" which allows other players to have plots all while utilizing the same ancient warp. This could be an idea if you and other people would like to have multiple shops outside of spawn.
15 days ago

Currently I know that the servers (redwood and cypress) use a custom plugin that make entities disappear once players go far enough away from them to help address the many lag issues caused by the 1.14.4  version of the game. Unfortunately, this means that Ghasts can attack players, but will remain invisible because of the plugin. This is due to their incredibly long attack range. My request (if possible) is to modify the value for Ghasts only on this plugin so that they can be viewed from a farther distance. I know that this fix was applied to the ruby dragon because it was suffering from the same issue.

Why will players enjoy this idea?
This will allow players to actually see Ghasts in the nether even at farther distances. It's no fun fighting an invisible, fast-moving enemy that can shoot explosive fireballs which break blocks beneath you. Fixing this issue will help bring the server closer to the Vinilla Minecraft game we all love.

How does this idea help or enhance the values of WilderCraft? (Kindness and cooperation, hard survival gameplay has costs, power has trade-offs)?
As mentioned above, it will bring the game closer to the Vanilla Minecraft experience and help balance fighting these types of enemies. Note that this request is for Ghasts only.

On a scale of 1-10 (1=easy, 10=hard/complex) how complex is this idea?
I am not familiar with the plugin that is used so I can't say for certain how complex the process will be. If this is offered as an optional setting, it could be as easy as a 1. However, if it requires a programmatic rewrite of the plugin, it might be more of a 5 or 7.

about 1 month ago

This is my guess so I'm not sure if it's true or not: I'm not sure if the system was designed so that a single person would be able to get all mob heads within the limited time window. Making the drops rare allows people to create a market for them. Similar to a trading card game, you can only get so many (due to the rarity of certain mobs) and are encouraged to trade with others for the ones you want. 

Now the question becomes, if this is true, are the mob heads eventually cycled in and out so players can get a chance at specific heads later on? A Mod would have to verify this information.
about 1 month ago

Not sure about complete immunity as this might be a bit overpowered. I would definitely say something that reduces the distance in which you levitate or reducing the duration of the levitation could be a good alternative. 
3 months ago