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I've been around the block a couple of times, and have been playing on this server since Season 2 (I think...?). I've been promoted to mod 3 times, and banned once (by a mod who no longer plays here) but, out of all of that, I think my favorite memory is meeting my close friend Beckaroni. Back in those days, she went by bekkakah, and she was a lowly Mythic underneath my upmost Moderator authority. We bonded quite quickly over some personal stuff, and we've been pretty close ever since. One of my favorite memories with her is when I was demoted and couldn't access my epic gamer powers, and she was promoted to mod. She'd make me go through a bunch of random tests, like, "Hey Emma, come over here, I'll tp you on top of this tower and you try to enderpearl over the world border". Or, "Come here and jump off this ledge and see how many hearts of damage you take". Or, "Put these Feather Falling IV boots on and lets test how long it takes you to die if you jump off different heights". Or, one of my personal favorites, "Drown. Oh, that did nothing. Okay", and then she proceeded to not TP me back to my death. Overall, she's one of my best friends and I wouldn't trade that for anything. It is indeed lit in here, huh? :,-)
about 1 year ago

Hey, how's it going? I'm Emma, an 18 year old Floridian. I'm currently at university studying english with a creative writing focus, and I'm a mod on the server!
Here's some stuff about me!
Things I like:
- The color orange
- Playing guitar
- Tattoos
- Rain and storms
- Sushi

Things I don't like:
- Sunlight
- The color yellow
- Egg salad

I'm fairly nocturnal (awake from 4pm to 7am EST) so you may see me online at weird hours. Looking forward to hanging out with all of you!
about 1 year ago

In order to rank up to gain access to commands such as teleporting, claiming, and setting homes, and to earn cool rewards such as xp, ender pearls, spawn eggs, and enchanted tools, you can /vote!
  • In game, type /vote and click on each of the three links, which will take you to websites where you enter your in game name (remember, it’s case sensitive), and your vote will be registered.
  • Keep in mind that you can only vote once a day on each website (some sites allow for votes every 12 or 14 hours).
  • Leave a few inventory spaces open, so you will receive your rewards!
  • Voting requires you to be online and in-game while you vote in order to receive ranks and reward items.
  • Feral - New players that enter the game. No access to any commands (No Votes)
  • Wanderer - Have access to /sethome and /tpaccept. Start with 100 claim blocks, and 1 home. (3 Votes)
  • Lightfoot - Can claim land and protect their chests. (9 votes)
  • Peddler - Can sell items in a single peddler chest at spawn. (18 votes)
  • Pathfinder - Gain access to /tpa. Can set 2 homes, get a second chest in the warehouse, and gain 2k claim blocks. (42 votes)
  • Mythic - Can create a /shop at spawn in a designated plot space. Can set 4 homes, and gain 5k claim blocks. (90 votes)
  • Colossal - Can claim land in the end. Can set 5 homes, and gain 10k claim blocks. (180 votes)
  • Elder - Can claim land in the nether. Can set 10 homes and gain 25k claim blocks. (360 votes)
  • Ancient - Can have two shops at spawn, set a /warp, and receive a weekly top-secret bonus. Can set 20 homes, and gain 100k claim blocks. (760 votes)
~ Ranks can also be obtained through donations to Wildercraft.
about 1 year ago