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Hihi! This idea could potentially be an expanse exclusive event (adapted to fit Expanse ideals as they don't have a ton of events) or be open to all servers! 

The Idea: ゚+*:ꔫ:*﹤  A SCAVENGER HUNT! ﹥*:ꔫ:*+゚

We could have players spawn into a preset room like Dungeon Run and have a set amount of different ones that generate! And then, 

There's two potential ways we could go about this; The first would be 

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ Traditional The traditional scavenger hunt where you are given a list of items to look for. Could be a one-time event or a recurring staple like Dungeon Run. If the latter, could have seasonal lists or monthly lists and different biomes / themes. If one-time would probably have a leaderboard and be timed with 1st, 2nd, 3rd Prizes 

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ New Style This would still be lookng for things on a list but,,, it would be in a sort of order. Like you need to look for two coal and 1 emerald and then use that to trade with an NPC and get a pickaxe that can only be used to mine a certain block and so forth. Adds more lore and makes it more challenging to unlock everything! 


Let me know what y'all think / if there is improvements/ suggestions/ feedback to this idea! Think it could be cool and tie into something we are already doing (Cough Blank Forest Red :^) ) 
10 days ago

General Rules:  
No. 1 Be Respectful.
We support kind and respectful behaviour. Staff quickly intervenes with toxic behavior. 

No. 2 Be Civil. Keep chat, signs, and items civil and family-friendy. Skip spam and poltics. Make chat helpful! See /chat 

No. 3 Earn Your Items. Cheats, hacks, and x-ray are against the spirit of survival. Try using /shoplist instead.  

No. 4 Touch Only Yours. If it’s not yours, don’t touch it. Theft or grief on unclaimed land is not allowed. See /grief  

No. 5 Mind your lag. Be mindful of server lag, keep mob farms compact. No heavy redstone or AFK Fish Farms. 

No. 6 Staff have final say. Our code of conduct is to be kind, helpful, fair, and responsible. 

No. 7 Keep the peace. Tell a staff member if you see someone break a rule. Questions? Ask staff  

/chat Rules: 
  1. Respect other players. Keep chat civil and friendly! 
  2. Be helpful - Don’t mislead or misinform other players. 
  3. No swearing or offensive expressions/acronyms/jokes that can be perceived as hateful. 
  4. No debating politics, religion or spiritual belief systems. 
  5. No talking about illegal substances and their usage.
  6. Obscene/ Inappropriate/ Explicit material is prohibited. 
  7. No advertising of other servers or social media accounts that are not affiliated with Wildercraft. 
  8. No linking/ referencing to material not allowed by the above mentioned rules. 
  9. Keep chat in English. Staff can’t moderate what they don’t understand 

/farms Rules: 
[All Farms] 
  1. Don’t lag the server for other players! No excessive redstone or farms in one area. 
  2. No 0-tick, no “shaky sand,” quantum ticking or AFK fish farms. No perma loaders. 
  3. Be mindful of the farmlimiter! 50 mobs/animals/villagers/portals max per loaded area 
  4. Redstone must have an off switch. Must have an item overflow trash can. 
  5. One 1x1 mob chamber only. Larger chambers (for larger mobs) must automatically kil. 
[Flying Machines] 
  • When used for harvesting: 2 machines max. Maximum area 20x20 each. Sweepers are fine 
[Guardian Farms] 
  • Soul-sand only allowed within mounument’s bounding box. 
[Automatic Fish Farms] 
  • Not allowed, too powerful, and spoils the economy. 

Wildercraft Friendly Land Reminder: 
  • Please look around your build site and try to keep at least 100 blocks from other players creations. Thanks for being a considerate builder

Wildercraft Friendly Grief Reminder: 
  • Destroying people’s builds, even if unclaimed, is griefing and will result in a 30-day ban. Find a base? Let it be 

Wildercraft Friendly Xray Reminder: 
  • Use of hacks or x-ray will result in an immediate 90-day ban. No exceptions. 

Wildercraft Friendly Steal Reminder: 
  • Taking items, even from unclaimed chests is stealing and the punishment is a 30-day ban. Earn your items.
13 days ago

 Join every Friday @ 7pm EST. Or purchase an egg via /donate and sponsor your own event. 

Why? Group dragon fights only last a few minutes so we created a challenge =] 

Who? All player ranks are welcome! Risks and rewards scale, so more friends, more rewards! 

Tip: To just watch use /rubyspectate to observe and take a pass on the group rewards 
Tip: Mine netherwart! For a combat alternative, mine to deal damage to the dragon

Ruby Key - Unlock the ruby chest @ spawn to earn a random Wildertool! 
Guaranteed Ruby Key - Get a guaranteed key for spawning the egg in using /donate 
Wildercoins - Top damage dealers can earn coins. Goblins drop drop coins too! Buy the Wildertool you want 
Gain XP and Buffs - More players in the event make for better rewards! All players participating get XP! 
Earn Loot - Look out for drops, but special drops like keys are protected from theft! ​​​​​​​
13 days ago

How To Claim?   
Firstly, you'll need to be Lightfoot rank! 
                - /vote to rank up and check out /ranks :) 
2. Use a golden shovel (any regular golden shovel works) and right click each corner of the land you wish to claim! 

How To Earn Claim Blocks?  
1. Vote and gain rank, each rank increase increases your total claim blocks
2. Playtime
3. Donate 

Basic Claiming & Trusting Commands  

/claim  /claim radius allows you to automatically claim based on where you are standing! 
/abandonclaim deletes a claim 
/abandonallclaims deletes ALL of your claims 
/abandontoplevelclaim Deletes a claim and all of it’s subdivisions 
/trust Grants a player full access to your claim(s) 
/untrust Revokes a player full access to your claim(s) 
/containertrust Grants a player access to your claim’s containers, crops, animals, bed, button, and levers 
/accesstrust Grants a player entry to your claim(s) and use of your bed 
/permissiontrust Grants a player permission to trust other players 
/trustlist Lists the trusted players for the claim you are standing in 
/subdivideclaims Switches the tool to subdivision mode which is used to subdivide your claims. 
/basicclaims Returns claim mode to basic claiming 
            Alternate command: /bc

13 days ago

Hiya! If y'all remember the first Wilder Wonder, it was a one year old post full of love and memories from all the players reminiscinig on why they love Wildercraft. Sadly, the post got deleted so I wanted to start up a new thread.

Nearing the end of the season so if everyone could just post one memory on why they love Wildercraft or what made them stay here, or whatever has made them happy! Maybe it was a player, maybe an event, maybe a whole server, maybe red! Who knows!

It saddens me that we don't have the old posts anymore but it's okay- time to make some new memories! 

<3 <3 <3 
14 days ago