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Ah okay! I was just wondering, the content/section was kind of missing that's all!

Either add things at the end that the reward will be some sort of surprise reward or something. It doesn't have to be listed specifically. The surprise is fine, just stated it as well, so we all know there something to expect. And if there is, those are my idea of items to give to people, thank you for clarifying on that. I was just wondering since there was nothing mention on it.
3 months ago

Shouldn't there be a reward for winning/participating for the event: Dungeon Run Build Event. Or am I missing something?

Is it going to be announced later? I feel like rewards are missing, compensating their time and effort in participating in the event. Is this an event without reward. The only reward I see right now is simply getting implement to be used (with credit). 
For example, the rewards can be:
- Title [Builder]?
- Random ruby chest stuff
- Items you usually get from daily votes
- Limited item
- More dungeon keys (that would make sense)

Any of these things can be rewarded to 1-3rd/4-10th/so on place winners. It would be nice to also get overall engagement by having people vote it as well as another side, separating from the staff choice. There are also missing tiers of list possible winners that will get implemented. Then small rewards to follow, for at least "trying". It's little odd to make an event without rewards in return..... right...?
3 months ago

The idea is kind of like town warp.

It's pretty much different location of fishing spot that people can still earn points to the event. By allowing Ancient Rank and such to make their own fishing spot area of their base/house. Instead of limiting themselves to having to fish in spawn.

This allows more people to build their own fishing base/boat that accommodates other people as well as getting people outside of their comfort zone, move around, explore, and changing fishing place. Because fishing in the same area can be boring. Not only that, there is only one spot to fish, which is in spawn. Shouldn't we give more options to players?

This might be a little late, but this might be a good idea to keep in mind for the next Wilderfish event.
3 months ago