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Let's see. 

Hi, I'm ViccoTurmeric and I have a gaming problem ;-; I'm 23 and from India, and most of you would have seen me doing something or the other already.

I have been playing MC on and off for a couple years, but this is my first time actually playing at scale. The guardian farm was my first big project, same for a lot of the sorting systems and what not. So I'm actually pretty new to playing MC at large.

As y'all might know, I keep bubbling with new ideas and love doing things super-large scale. So pretty much all my time on the server is spent making some megaproject or the other, or implementing something completely different.

Fun side note, my name actually comes from ViccoTurmeric, a popular cream brand in India. Their jingles are pretty much part of our pop culture, hence the name. Other places on steam and elsewhere actually know me by another brand name, WashingPowderNirma.

Otherwise, I'm mostly here to have fun, wreck things and challenge new horizons, just like I always love doing. Hope to keep interacting with y'all :)

Ask me anything, I guess :)
5 months ago