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Voting & Rank Guide

Chapter 2 brought a lot of new things, including a new vote reward system! There are now 6 Vote Levels, each level has the chance to earn multiple different rewards. In addition to the reward table displayed below, players can vote to the ranks of  Sapling  (100 votes) and  Treant  (500 votes).


How To Vote

  • In game, type /vote and click on each of the three links, which will take you to websites where you then enter your in-game name (remember, it’s case sensitive), and your vote will be registered.
  • Keep in mind that you can only vote once a day on each website (some sites allow for votes every 12 or 14 hours).
  • Leave a few inventory spaces open, so you will receive your rewards!
  • To receive ranks and reward items you must be online and in-game while you vote.


Wild Rank (new player rank)

• [Wild] title + color in chat

1x /sethome location

500 claim blocks


Sapling Rank (100 votes/$10)

• [Sapling] title + color in chat

 3x /sethome location

• Extra +2,000 claim blocks


Treant Rank (500 votes/$20)

 [Treant] title + color in chat

5x /sethome location

• Extra +5,000 claim blocks

•  A Shop Plot at local spawn with 10 chests

•  Access to the Portalhouse at Localspawn

•  Access to claim in the nether

•  Access to all previous rank perks


Fairy Rank ($40)

 [Fairy] title + color in chat

10x /sethome location

• Extra +10,000 claim blocks

•  A Shop Plot at local spawn with 15 chests

•  Access to claim in the nether

•  Access to run the /hat command

•  Access to all previous rank perks


Dryad Rank ($70)

 [Dryad] title + color in chat

20x /sethome locations

• Extra +25,000 claim blocks

• A shop plot with 15 chests at spawn

• Access to claim in the end

• Access to a WilderPet /pets

All of the perks from the previous ranks


Guardian Rank ($110)

 [Guardian] title + color in chat

• 25x /sethome locations

• Extra +100,000 claim blocks

• A shop plot with 25 chests at spawn

• Access to run the /enderchest command

• 1x Ender Dragon Egg

 1x Player Warp 

• 1x WilderCrate Key

• A Guardian Shield

• All of the perks from the previous ranks

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