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by redbau » 22 days ago

As a member of Build Team you will be expected to work with other builders to compromise, follow instructions and contribute with ideas as a part of a team. Being able to collaborate is as important as being a talented builder!

-> To apply: Please copy/paste this and submit a new post on the forum

How old are you? (All ages welcome)
Where are you located, City/Country? (All timezones welcome)
Current in-game rank? (Also how long have you been playing on the server?)
We need to be able to contact you outside of the forums, do you have a discord ID or an email-address we can reach you at?

1. What do you like most about WilderCraft?
2. As a build team member you get to shape the look and feel of WilderCraft. What would you like to help change? What would you keep the same?
3. Choose two responsibilities you are passionate about:
    a: Planning & organizing builds
    b: Structure, size, finding sites
    c: Exterior building & design
    d: Landscaping & trees
    e: Interior design
    f: Leading builds, keeping people motivated, focused on finishing in a timely fashion
4. What do you believe you can bring to the build team?
5. What's your favorite build style to work with?
6. Attach screenshots of builds you've made (up to 10 builds)

Ready to apply? Please login to the forum and then post your application here.