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How-To: Creating a Shop at Spawn


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by KrazyMeekrat » 10 months ago
What type of shop can I claim at spawn?
  • Any ranks Peddler and above can claim a Peddler chest. (North of spawn castle)
  • Any ranks Pathfinder and above can claim Pathfinder chests . (North of Peddler shops)
  • Any ranks Mythic and above can claim a Mythic plot. (East/SE of spawn castle)
  • Only Ancient ranks can claim an Ancient plot. (South/SW of spawn castle)
  • You may claim a shop of a lower rank if you so choose, however, that must be your only shop.
    (For example, a Colassal ranked player may choose to have a Peddler chest rather than a Mythic plot, but may not claim any other shop plots/chests in addition to that Peddler chest.)
  • You may also share a plot with someone else, however both players must be eligible for that plot. (Mythic plot owners must both be Mythic+, and Ancient plot owners must both be Ancient.
How do I claim a shop chest or plot?
  1. Find a shop chest or plot that you would like to claim as your own.
  2. Read /shoprules (run the command in-game or see below).
  3. Ask for a staff member in chat (any Helper, Mod, or Admin+ can grant you a shop).
  4. Get to work stocking your new shop! pick
How do I make a shop sign?
  1. Shift-click a sign onto a chest to place it. Must be an OAK sign on a SINGLE chest. Any other configuration will not work.
  2. Type "$" on the first line (no quotes).
  3. Type your item description on the second line.
  4. Type your price on the third line. (1 d = 1 Diamond, 1 db = 1 Diamond Block, etc.)
    Examples: "1 iron", "3 diamond", "1 db", "1 diamond block", "6 cobblestone", "24 eb"
  5. Leave the fourth line blank.
  6. Stonkschart_with_upwards_trend
Note: Please add your items into the chest AFTER you have placed the shop sign on the chest. If you do it the other way around, a staff member may ask you to restock your chest, and it's just extra work for all of us!


How do I set my shop warp and description?
  • Type /set$ (description) at the location you would like players to warp to.
  • The description is what will be searched when players search shops with /search$, so write down everything your shop sells!
  • When a player warps to your shop using /$ (playername), they will be warped to wherever you used your /set$ command.

What rules do I need to follow?
Please do /shoprules for the most up-to-date rules!
These rules are subject to change!
For Peddler and Pathfinder shops, the only rules that apply to you are #2, 3, 4, 8, and 11! (No altering of your shop!)
Mythic plots and Ancient plots must follow ALL of these rules!
Your shop may be removed by staff after multiple rule violations (or breaking rules #2 or 3)!
  1. Mythic Plots: 12 shop chests + 3 storage chests & signs (max height: 16 from the ground)
    Ancient Plots: 24 shop chests + 6 storage chests & signs (max height: 24)
  2. Inactive shops will be removed after 30 days (collecting payment doesn't count!)
  3. Please take no more than 3 days to build and stock your shop.
  4. Max one shop per player; shared plots require both players to have rank.
  5. Max 1 hopper, no major redstone.
  6. No beacons, nether portals, item frames, or armor stands.
  7. No excess excavation of plots (max depth: 10)
  8. No reselling items from other shops.
  9. Shop must look thoughtful in any theme/style (ask MsPoffy for a build buddy)
  10. No shulkers, trapped chests, or double chests (shop plugin requires oak signs to work)
  11. Shop location may be changed every 30 days.
  12. No reachable dangerous blocks, including using an elytra. (end crystal, tnt, fire, magma blocks, campfires, lava, etc.)

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